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"The resounding chanting anthem stays with you long after you leave the theatre."

- North West End UK

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always zesty,

never bland.

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what's Orange Peel ?

allow us to introduce ourselves.

Orange Peel is a an all female / non-binary theatre company that we created back in May 2022, after finishing our final third-year show at Mountview. where could we go from here? we thought to ourselves. there was a bit of magic created in that small 80-seater theatre. every single one of us felt it.

Orange Peel was created.

this company grants us as artists an opportunity to share original (and also not original) work encompassing our variety of skillsets and backgrounds & to have new creatives use us as a means to experiment new ideas with. 

we share the special experience of having acted with each other over the last three years of our drama school training. with that, comes an innate care and sensitivity towards each other, but also brutally honest tough-love. we all know what we are capable of, and so we prioritise the need to create truly brilliant, diverse, fresh, dynamic, and bold theatre.

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Company members

Production Coordinator: Madison Lazarus

Industry Liaison: Alexandra Clare & Kaia Hickson

Marketing + Data: Lydia Kirton

Accounts: Kaia Hickson

Social Media: Alexandra Clare

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